понедельник, 15 марта 2010 г.

Few more impressions from me!!!
I've just come from Poltava - small nice town in Ukraine a week ago. There I met with a girl, I wrote you about. Before I saw her only by Skype and even having no doubt in her and my own intentions I was rather nervouse about our meeting. But inspite all my fears - everything went perfectly!
We spent a great time together, she showed me so much beauteful places of her region!

When it came time to say "Good bye" I promissed her to come back again and for sure I will!
Now I feel rather ashamed for how suspiciously I behaved at first. How how distrustful I was! But her attitude for my all strangenessalls was so understanding!

I do not want to tell her name, I keep it for myself.

All I want now - to tell to the world, that being happy - so easy!! You just neen to keep trying and you will find your way to meet the right persone. For me this way was UaDreams m
arriage agency, if you choose the same way you need to be patient and to understand the specifics of such corresponding!
Nobody can garantee that you will meet your match for sure, every case is unique!But if you are not loosing your hope - than you will get the luck! I do not want to agitate you, just telling my story, with a lot of
barriers towards the happy end! Now soon I will meet my girl again and, who knows, may be this time we will not stay part!